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Apply to Join Me on The Podcast

Welcome to “The Entrepreneur Society Podcast” — the podcast that invites entrepreneurs to indulge in candid conversations about their journey, embodying the spirit of a community meet-up in our digital space. With me,  I aim to recreate the magic of in-person connections through relatable, succinct, and engaging podcast episodes.

We’re seeking guests who are:

  1. Ready to tackle challenging discussions with a blend of empathy and wit.
  2. Eager to share a subject they are fervent about with our audience.
  3. Willing to offer a transparent glimpse into their entrepreneurial voyage.
  4. Capable of presenting their insights in an articulate, straightforward, and digestible way.

Application Process:

To throw your hat in the ring as a potential guest on “The Entrepreneur Society Podcast,” please fill out the application form below. Bear in mind, we schedule our recordings a few weeks ahead, and spots on our content calendar tend to fill up rapidly. While we would love to feature all applicants, we base our guest selection on how well the topic fits into our planned content.

Expect to receive a response from us within one to two weeks after you submit your application. If we find that we’re unable to book you in the current cycle, it’s nothing personal! Rest assured, we will keep your information for potential future slots.

Dive in and apply — let’s share your story, your passion, and your unique entrepreneurial insights with listeners eager for both wisdom and warmth.


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