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Ep. 32 Thriving in Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: An Inspiring Journey

Ep. 32 Thriving in Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: An Inspiring Journey

Are you navigating the intricate dance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, striving to excel in both arenas? Learn how Stephanie Shanks transformed these dual challenges into a narrative of triumph and harmony. Join us in our latest episode for an authentic exploration of flourishing in the realms of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

From Motherhood to Entrepreneurship: Stephanie Shanks Unveils Her Story

Join us as Stephanie dives deep into her extraordinary journey, intertwining the roles of a mother and an entrepreneur. This episode is a goldmine for anyone navigating the thrilling yet challenging path of building a business from scratch.

What’s Inside This Can’t-Miss Episode:

  1. The Resilience Roadmap: Stephanie opens up about the inception of her entrepreneurial dream. Her story is not just inspiring; it’s a masterclass in perseverance.
  2. Leap into the Unknown: Ever thought of starting a business with minimal resources? Stephanie did just that with her photography venture. Discover how she overcame the odds to build a successful brand.
  3. Defying the Norms: Stephanie’s journey is a powerful narrative that shatters stereotypes, proving that pursuing an artistic passion can indeed lead to financial success.
  4. The Balancing Act: How does a single mom juggle a professional career and personal life? Stephanie shares her practical insights and tips.
  5. Staying Motivated: Learn from Stephanie about the evolving nature of self-motivation and the strategies that keep her driven.
  6. Joy and Fulfillment: Stephanie reveals the most rewarding parts of being both a mom and an entrepreneur.
  7. Stephanie’s Nuggets of Wisdom: Considering a career shift? Stephanie’s reflections and advice are invaluable for those standing at a crossroads.

Don’t Miss This Episode!

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned businesswoman, Stephanie’s journey is bound to resonate with you. Her experiences shed light on the unique challenges and triumphs at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

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[00:03:02]: Stephanie Shanks’ Journey

[00:04:37]: Becoming a Full-time Photographer

[00:06:25]: Pursuing Photography Despite Doubts

[00:08:16]: Overcoming Challenges in Starting a Business

[00:10:47]: The Power of Marketing

[00:17:02]: Importance of Self-Motivation

[00:19:59]: Balancing Personal and Professional Life

[00:25:36]: Resources for Single Parents Starting a Business

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Ep. 30 From Blue Christmas to Happy New Year

Ep. 30 From Blue Christmas to Happy New Year

From Blue Christmas to Happy New Year

What if you realize that your job is ending right on the holidays? What do you do?

In our latest episode, Sherris Moreira, the owner and founder of Small Town Storyteller shares her personal journey of facing job loss during the holiday season. She candidly explores the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events and imparts valuable lessons on resilience and new beginnings and gave us 6 Christmas Song-Inspired tips for someone struggling the same as her.

Here are the 6 invaluable Christmas song-inspired tips ( and 1 bonus) to do when you find out your job is ending.

1. “Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton” – Allow Yourself to Grieve:

Begin by acknowledging and allowing yourself to grieve the end of your job. Take a moment to catch your breath and process your emotions. It’s essential to give yourself the time and space to cope with the changes before taking the next steps.

2. “Grown Up Christmas List by Kelly Clarkson” – Make a list of the things you need to do: 

Create a grown-up Christmas list for your Career. Make a comprehensive list of the things that you want to do next.

3. “Deck the Halls by Nat King Cole” – Update Your LinkedIn:

Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect these changes, ensuring you’re ready to present yourself effectively to potential employers.

4. “Sleigh Ride by Ella Fitzgerald” – Reach Out to Your Network:

Just as sleigh ride requires getting back up, reach out to your personal and professional network for support. Share your situation with colleagues and friends, and don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice. Networking can open up new opportunities and provide valuable insights into potential career paths.

5. “Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses” – Be Open-Minded About Your Next Step:

Embrace the idea that your next career move doesn’t have to mirror your previous role. Like Christmas gifts come in various forms, consider different job opportunities, whether they involve building on your existing skills, taking a step back for more flexibility, or exploring entirely new avenues. Be open-minded and think outside the traditional career box.

6. “Santa Tell Me” – Seek Professional Guidance:

Just as Santa is the professional in all things Christmas, consider reaching out to career professionals. Utilize resources like local Career Centers or Career Links for free assistance with resume updates, job applications, and even participation in career fairs. Seeking professional guidance can enhance your job search strategy and boost your confidence in the process.

7. “Brand New Day by Sting” – Look What’s Coming Next

Now is the time to shift your focus forward and anticipate the possibilities that lie ahead. Embrace the idea that the end of one chapter marks the beginning of another. As you allow yourself to grieve and process the changes during this hard candy Christmas, look to the future with optimism and a sense of renewal. Consider what opportunities and challenges the next phase of your career may bring. Just as a brand new day signifies a fresh start, use this perspective to navigate your professional journey with a forward-thinking mindset.

As we approach the holiday season, Sherris Moreira’s narrative serves as a reminder that amidst challenges, there’s room for hope. The episode encourages listeners to navigate uncertainties with an open mind, fostering the resilience needed to transform endings into empowering beginnings. Tune in to The Entrepreneur Society and discover the insights that can turn professional transitions into moments of profound growth.

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Ep.28: The Comeback: Mastering Resilience and Success with John Papaloni

Ep.28: The Comeback: Mastering Resilience and Success with John Papaloni

The Comeback: Mastering Resilience and Success with John Papaloni

Imagine hitting rock bottom and then climbing your way back to the top. This isn’t just a story of resilience; it’s the real-life journey of John Papaloni, a master of comebacks. Our latest podcast episode, “The Comeback: Mastering Resilience and Success with John Papaloni,” dives deep into this inspiring tale, offering invaluable lessons for every entrepreneur.

In our latest podcast episode, we explore the remarkable story of John Papaloni, a serial entrepreneur who faced the daunting challenge of bankruptcy and emerged victorious. This episode isn’t just about a comeback; it’s a masterclass in transforming setbacks into stepping stones for success.

The Journey Begins: Introducing John Papaloni [00:03:46]
We kick off the episode by introducing John Papaloni, a figure synonymous with resilience and adaptability. His story is not just about financial recovery but also about personal transformation and growth.

The Turning Point: Recognizing the Need for Change [00:05:36]
John’s journey is marked by a crucial moment of self-realization. Recognizing the need for change was the first step in his path to success. This chapter delves into the importance of self-awareness in overcoming life’s hurdles.

From Bankruptcy to Success: A Tale of Resilience [00:10:07]
Perhaps the most compelling part of the episode, this chapter details John’s incredible journey from the depths of bankruptcy to the heights of success. It’s a story that underscores the power of perseverance and strategic thinking.

Key Takeaways: Lessons in Entrepreneurship

  1. Mindset Transformation [00:07:32]: John’s shift from victimhood to empowerment is a testament to the significance of mindset in overcoming challenges. This transformation is crucial for anyone looking to bounce back from setbacks.
  2. Strategic Financial Decisions: John’s comeback was fueled by savvy financial decisions. This part of the episode emphasizes the need for personal financial management as a cornerstone of entrepreneurial success.
  3. The Power of Saying No [00:14:24]: One of John’s key strategies was learning to say no to opportunities that didn’t align with his goals. This lesson is vital for entrepreneurs who need to protect their time and focus on their objectives.
  4. Focusing on Strengths: John advises listeners to concentrate on their business’s strengths and prioritize what truly suits their needs. This approach is essential for sustainable growth and success.
  5. The Role of Community: The episode highlights the importance of support systems in entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneur Society, with its resources and network, exemplifies the value of community in the entrepreneurial journey.

Coping with Setbacks and Adapting to Change [00:14:24]
The episode concludes with a powerful message about the inevitability of setbacks and the importance of adaptability. John’s story is a reminder that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Final Thoughts:
John Papaloni’s journey from bankruptcy to success is more than just an inspiring story; it’s a blueprint for anyone facing challenges in their entrepreneurial journey. Tune into “The Comeback: Mastering Resilience and Success with John Papaloni” for a dose of inspiration and practical advice that could change the way you view setbacks and success.

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Strategies to Grow Your Business

Strategies to Grow Your Business

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, and being a woman entrepreneur can be even more challenging, especially when it comes to wanting to grow your business. However, with the right strategies and resources, women entrepreneurs can succeed in their ventures, and that is precisely what we will explore in this blog post. Today, we will delve into some of the most effective ways for women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and achieve success.

  1. Leverage your network:

Networking is a vital aspect of growing any business, but it is even more critical for women entrepreneurs. Your network is your greatest asset, and it is essential to build and maintain relationships with peers, mentors, and other professionals. By attending networking events, joining groups, and taking advantage of mentorship opportunities, you can establish valuable contacts that can help guide you towards success.

Additionally, women entrepreneurs should make sure to seek out other women in particular, as research has shown that female entrepreneurs often have better outcomes when they work together. Create and nurture relationships with other female entrepreneurs and seek out coaches or role models who can offer support and guidance.

  1. Embrace Technology:

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business, and it is now possible to leverage a range of powerful tools to help grow your business more efficiently. From social media marketing to online tools that help you manage your finances and streamline your operations, technology can be a powerful ally for women entrepreneurs.

AI’s popularity has grown over this past year and more and more people are starting to see the benefits and how it can help them save time while boosting productivity. Some of our favorite AI platforms are:

  • for research, copy, and blogs
  • Canva for creating graphics
  • Happy Scribe for transcribing audio and video files
  • for transcribing and notetaking in Zoom meetings

In addition to leveraging technology, it is also important to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and new tools that can benefit your business. Attend webinars or watch tutorials to learn new skills and make sure you are using the latest and greatest tools in your industry.

  1. Invest in Yourself:

Ultimately, as an entrepreneur, you are the driving force behind your business. Therefore, investing in your own growth and development is critical to long-term success.

Investing in yourself can take many forms, from attending conferences and workshops to taking courses and learning from other successful entrepreneurs. Seek out opportunities to continually improve yourself, and don’t be afraid to seek out feedback or coaching from others who have been through the same experiences as you.

  1. Prioritize Your Financial Management:

Effective financial management is critical to the success of any business, but this is particularly true for women entrepreneurs who may be operating in industries that face additional pressure or discrimination.

It is crucial to build a strong financial foundation for your business by investing in bookkeeping and accounting services, setting up an emergency financial fund, and creating a budget that allows for flexibility and innovation. Additionally, prioritize funding sources that are supportive of women entrepreneurs, such as female-led venture capital firms or crowdfunding platforms that prioritize diversity and inclusivity.

Scaling a business as an entrepreneur can be challenging, but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. By leveraging your network, embracing technology, investing in yourself, prioritizing your financial management, and focusing on diversity and inclusivity, you can overcome the challenges and achieve success. As a community of entrepreneurs, we’re here to support and empower each other as we climb higher toward our goals.

Ayana Symone is Making Her Dreams Come True at Twenty-Two

Ayana Symone is Making Her Dreams Come True at Twenty-Two

At twenty-two, Ayana Symone is an author, a blogger, and the host of the “To Be Heard” Podcast. In 2018, she self-published her first novel, titled, How I Fell in Love with Myself and self-published her second novel, titled, My Name is Anxiety, in 2022. She is a former English & Journalism major with a previous education in writing from a program based in New York. As she continues to pursue a career in writing, she aims to bring relevant messages of faith, redemption, hope & self-esteem to you & others around the world.​​

Why did you start your career in writing, blogging and being a podcaster?

I wanted to create a safe space for people to be honest, bare, vulnerable, all the while encountering the love of Jesus Christ

Can you talk to us about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back, has it been easy or smooth in retrospect?

In retrospect, the journey has been both challenging and rewarding at the same time. I’ve learned that mistakes are part of the process, and the challenge usually comes with learning how to not let the mistake define the future of my career.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle I face is more so a Me vs Me conflict more than any other obstacle. I can be my own worst critic. I overcome it by going back to the posture of humility, reminding myself of WHY and WHO I do it for. It helps take my eyes off of myself and care for the people I feel called to help.

What do you believe is the reason for your success?

While there are a handful of things I can credit to success, I owe mine to the wise, faith-filled mentors and leaders around me who give me good counsel and are always teaching me and holding me accountable.

What is one source that has inspired you?

I’ve seen my dad pursue his dream ever since I was little. Watching and learning from him growing up, he’s inspired me before anyone else.

If you could go back with the knowledge you have today- what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t rush as much. I make more mistakes trying to rush to meet a deadline, but if I would have slowed down, I’m sure I would’ve made a lot more different decisions.

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She Fast-Tracked her 5 Year Plan by Saying, Yes

She Fast-Tracked her 5 Year Plan by Saying, Yes

As a business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind and forget about focusing on larger-picture goals. But one determined Realtor refused to settle for anything less than reaching her 5-year plan of success in record time – by saying yes to opportunities that came her way. Her fearlessness led to accelerated growth, which she shares humbly with us through the humble yet inspiring story of how she fast-tracked her five-year plan. Read on to learn more about this remarkable journey!

At heart, Colleen Kurczi is Buckeye but prefers her feet in the sunshine state. Colleen moved with her family to Florida in 2014, and that is when she became an “accidental landlord.” That trajectory is what led her to a career in real estate. Colleen has been with Cardinal Row Real Estate since its inception and cannot wait to keep it growing and thriving in this fast-moving market.

Colleen, why did you start your business?

I got into RE as an accidental landlord when my husband’s career moved us to Florida. I have some experience in RE from prior employment at a law firm. Then this past year I was presented with an opportunity that I could not refuse and my 5 year plan was fast-tracked!

Can you talk to us about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back, has it been easy or smooth in retrospect?

Yes! Being the “boss” and goto for all the answers is stressful. I have learned several times to accept that I don’t have all the answers. It’s ok to research what I don’t know and consult with other experts in my field rather than “fake it until I make it”

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your business, and how did you overcome it?

My entire first year as Broker! In real estate we, work with people who experiencing one of the most stressful, emotional, and important moments of their lives. As Broker, I am now the person that my agents come to when they face difficult and not so ordinary challenges. Real estate is not for the faint of heart, but when we help people navigate those difficult and even tricky transactions successfully, that is the ultimate reward.

What do you believe is the reason for your success?

I am still working towards success, but the support of my friends, family, colleagues and local community has been instrumental to getting me where I am today!

What is one source that has inspired you? 

I have been inspired by the people in my life; taking risks is a little easier knowing you have people believing in you. I am also inspired by the hard work of others around me.

If you could go back with the knowledge you have today- what would you do differently?

Setting boundaries, saying no, delegating, and prioritizing my activities. This will be a constant work in progress for me.

You can do hard things! If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be rewarding.

Colleen Kurczi

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