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5 Steps to Save Time & Boost Productivity

I know how time-consuming managing your digital marketing is, so I created a course that breaks it down for you and creates a system that’s easy to manage, saving your time, energy and money! 

I belive this is worth saying –


I only teach you what I’ve actually done and mastered. So in each course, I’ll share with you my experience-backed step-by-steps, exactly what I did (and currently do), mistakes to avoid, and behind-the-scenes details for mastering that area in your own business.

Most of my courses only open once or twice a year for enrollment, so make sure you get on the list to be notified when they open!

The recorded sessions are coming soon and will be available to take at your own pace.


You’re a smart business owner


with great ideas and you want to share those ideas with the world. You understand the importance of digital marketing-

👉 You’re on social media 

👉 You have a website

👉 You have an email list

But- you can’t say with 100% certainty if…


👉 You’re on the right social platforms

👉 Your social media is even working for you

👉 People are visiting your website

👉 Your website is converting visitors into buyers 

👉 Email is even worth it

👉 You understand how ALL of these things even tie together- EASILY?

Why do you need this?

This is for you if…


👉  You feel overwhelmed with everything that goes into digital marketing. You’re not even sure where to begin!

👉  You’re not sure if your social media efforts are actually working.

👉 You want to know how to stand out in a noisy world.

👉  You want to create a strategy that saves you time, keeps you organized and lets you focus on your business.

Imagine what it would be like if…..


you didn’t feel overwhelmed with the thought of how to market your small business online. You had a system that simplified what you needed to do so you had the time to focus on what you really wanted- your small business. 

Are you Ready to Save Time & Boost Productivity

Image of a laptop, cup of coffee and pillow

👉  Save time, be organized and have the ability to focus on your business

👉 Have an easy online marketing plan

👉  Build your online presence to attract more clients

“Deanna has been instrumental in helping me goal set, launch my website and keep my business moving forward.”

Audra H.

Owner, Two Hot Mama’s

Deanna was an incredible coach to learn from as an entrepreneur. She gave challenging prompts that really made me look beyond the basics of my small business and to really think outside the box. She held me accountable to my goals and helped me refocus on making my business my full time job one day.

I recommend Deanna for anyone trying to begin their small business or to take it to the next level! She is amazing!

Hannah T.


What will I learn in this course?

Glad you asked!

Here’s what you’ll walk away knowing.

How to…


1. Understand your business strengths and weaknesses

2. Identify your target audience

3. Create the Foundations: Social Media, Content Creation, Email

4. Recognize key components every website should have- SEO and the pyschology behind the buyers journey on your website

5. Catalyze a personalized strategy that saves you time

You have THREE ways to take the course, depending on how you best learn! 

1:1 Coaching for 8 weeks

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This option is for you if you prefer working one on one with me. I will walk you through each step of the process with an individual focus on your business. 

Group Coaching for 8 weeks

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If you grow better as part of a team, group coaching is your perfect fit! This course is offered twice a year, so be sure to check your email for upcoming dates. 


This is also a great way to learn with your friends who are ready to grow their businesses! Create your own group, and I’ll work with the group in person or via Google Meet!


Online Course

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If you’re busy and just want to do things at your own pace- look no further- I got you! This course was designed for you and only you. 

You can take this course whenever you choose- it’s up to you! You’ll have access to the course when you need it- so you call the shots!