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It’s time to abandon those “one-size-fits-all” marketing courses that never actually showed you how to promote your business effectively.

You deserve a tailored strategy that’ll have your dream clients raving louder than a die-hard fan at a surprise album drop (AKA snapping up your offers).

If you’re eager to experience a personalized approach to mastering online marketing that caters to your unique needs…

 I’m here to empower you with customized guidance, expert insights, and proven strategies to drive your online business to new heights. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter advice and hello to the support you need to make your brand shine like the star it is!

It’s time to unlock your full potential and transform your online marketing game.

Are you ready to steal the spotlight?

Save time and boost productivity

Here are three ways I can help you


Are you a business owner who feels overwhlemed with Digital Marketing?

I get it!

Trust me!

I was in the same place and discovered a way to streamline my digital marketing so I could focus on what I loved. I ended up saving time AND boosting productivity!

Who doesn’t want that?

Can you relate to how I felt?

  • Overwhelmed with digital marketing AND juggling your business?
  • You’re not sure if your social media is actually working
  • You don’t have enough time to do marketing on your own, but you still want to.
  • You know marketing is important, but staying consistent is hard when juggling a business.

“Deanna is an amazing coach for entrepreneurs! She taught me so much about social media, growth within my business, building Facebook ads, website reviews, and more. 

I enjoyed working with her as she was a positive and honest business coach which is exactly what you want for a successful business.

She is a fabulous coach who I highly recommend for your business!”

Brytta M.

Owner, The Yoga Hostel 


Get ready to Grow!

Image of a laptop, cup of coffee and pillow

Set the Groundwork. It’s important to make sure your foundation is solid before you start to build your house. The same is true with your digital marketing.

Many times business owners will run an ad campaign and nothing happens. The ad may be great- but when your ideal client finds your website, they leave without purchasing or worse- even coming back!

The Cut The Chaos Course begins by making sure that your online presence is strong and optimized.

Then it takes you to the next step. You will learn how to create a game plan that you can automate to run with very little work from you. Can you imagine only spending 30 minutes a week on your marketing?

No more stressing over what to write or what to do next. I’ll tie it all together for you- in a pretty little bow!



Learn from an Award Winning Entrepreneur


I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years, and I’ve been working with businesses to grow their online presence and increase sales revenue.  Discover what it takes to create a successful digital marketing strategy that get results.

Digital Marketing Coach


Expert 1 on 1 Digital Marketing Advice


I help business owners and marketing professionals gain clarity in their digital marketing. I will work with you and share strategies that improve your online presence, drive traffic to your business and increase your brand reputation. 

Keynote Speaker


Be Inspired


If you’re looking for someone to inspire your audience, you found her. Some of the most common words shared with me after giving one of my signature or keynote speeches is Actionable, Inspirational, and Real.

I would love to speak at your upcoming retreat or conference. 

A little about me…


I’m Deanna. Founder and Owner of CarbonSilk Digital Marketing & Consulting.

I began helping small business owners grow their business online in 2011. After working with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years, I realized a common theme.

1. They lacked that big picture strategy. They may have posted on social media, had a website, spent some time on their brand – yet – they questioned how it all worked together. They wanted that full strategy to make sure that each component worked in their favor.

2. They were overwhelmed and lacked the time to juggle running a business and marketing it.  A lot goes into running your business. Wearing the hat of a digital marketer was most likely not what you signed up for when your dream owning a business came to fruition.

3. They understand the power of digital marketing but lack consistency. Some are willing to learn so they can do it themselves, while others are ready to hand it off, so they could focus on their real passion- their business.