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Using NLP and Mindset for Transformation

Unlock the transformative potential of NLP and breathwork with Kenzie Groh, a renowned mindset coach. Discover how to break free from feeling stuck in your career or personal life through our insightful interview. Kenzie reveals groundbreaking NLP techniques and mindset strategies to replace negative thought patterns with empowering beliefs, fostering personal growth and self-empowerment.

Experience the profound impact of breathwork, as Kenzie guides you through powerful techniques to release emotional blockages, enhance mental clarity, and achieve a rejuvenating sense of well-being. Her virtual breathwork sessions offer a convenient pathway to emotional release and self-discovery, accessible from the comfort of your home.

Kenzie’s holistic approach integrates NLP, mindset coaching, and parts work, addressing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. If you’re seeking a way to reconnect with your inner self and navigate life’s challenges with resilience and clarity, explore Kenzie Gro’s transformative coaching and breathwork sessions. Start your journey towards a fulfilled and authentic life today


[00:03:05]: Kenzie’s Journey from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

[00:03:29]: Kenzie’s Introduction

[00:04:20]: Making the Shift from Corporate World

[00:05:30]: Learning to Trust and Overcome Challenges

[00:06:15]: Overcoming Self-Judgment and Guilt

[00:07:23]: Embracing Change and Trusting the Process

[00:09:04]: Understanding Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

[00:10:56]: Discovering Kenzie’s SuperpowerClose

About Kenzie Groh

Kenzie Groh is a passionate and transformational women’s life and mindset coach who empowers women to break free from limiting beliefs and step into their full potential. With a unique blend of subconscious mind work, breathwork facilitation, and clinical hypnotherapy, Kenzie guides women on a powerful journey of self-discovery and empowerment, helping them unleash their inner powerhouse

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