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How Brooke Happe Turned Her Crochet Hobby into a Full-Time Adventure

Are you ready to be inspired by an incredible entrepreneurial journey? Look no further than Brooke Happe, the owner of B.E.Happe Designs, who left her career as a physical therapist to turn her crochet hobby into a full-time adventure.

In todays episode, we’ll take you through Brooke’s inspiring journey and share some of the key lessons she’s learned along the way. So grab a cup of tea, kick back, and prepare to be inspired!

Brooke Happe, the owner of B.E.Happe Designs, who made the bold decision to leave her career and turn her crochet hobby into a full-time adventure. Tune in as Brooke shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from a physical therapist to traveling the country in an RV with her family, while also giving back to children’s hospitals.

We’ll also dive into how Brooke balances homeschooling her children and running her business, along with tips for creating a solid brand and theming your days to increase productivity. Plus, you’ll learn how Brooke started her business on a budget and get advice for those who are just starting their own entrepreneurial journey.

Make sure to stick around until the end of the episode to find out where you can find Behappe Designs and Brooke on social media, and discover even more ways to stay connected with this amazing crochet entrepreneur. So kick back, relax, and join us for an engaging and informative conversation with Brooke Happe!


00:06:10. Making the Decision to Leave the Career for Family Time

00:11:21. Transitioning to Traveling the Country in an RV and Giving Back to Children’s Hospitals

00:13:36. Homeschooling and running a business

00:18:21. Creating a solid brand

00:22:29. Theming your days to increase productivity

00:27:56. Starting a business on a budget

 00:29:59. Advice for those starting a business

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