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In The Entrepreneur Society Podcast, we believe in the power of growth, continuous learning, and pushing boundaries. In our latest episode, we bring you Colleen, the dynamic founder of The Copy Tea. She has revolutionized copywriting by infusing her work with a unique blend of personality and boldness. This blog post will delve into Colleen’s journey, her audacious creativity, and the valuable insights she shares on crafting engaging web and social media copy.

Colleen’s foray into copywriting began during grad school, where she sought a creative outlet to complement her studies. Writing for a vegan blog sparked a passion within her, but the thought of pursuing a full-time corporate writing career was daunting. However, when the pandemic led to unexpected job loss, Colleen seized this opportunity to start her own venture – marking the onset of an exhilarating new chapter in her life.

The transformation in Colleen’s writing style emerged from a desire to break away from the tedious, repetitive content that pervaded the industry. She realized that if she was bored, her audience probably felt the same. Determined to differentiate herself, Colleen embarked on a journey towards self-expression and authenticity. She started sharing her unfiltered thoughts and ideas, cleverly relating them back to her audience, infusing her brand with a refreshing and invigorating energy.

As Colleen embraced her newfound expressiveness, her writing adopted a bold, sassy tone. Her social media became a platform for candid thoughts and a voice that truly resonated with her audience. Despite initial pushback from some quarters, Colleen’s authenticity and unique approach attracted widespread appreciation. This creative liberation allowed her to reconnect with her true self, crafting content that stood out in the crowded copywriting landscape.

A significant factor influencing Colleen’s journey was her ADHD diagnosis during the pandemic. While initially overwhelming, the diagnosis eventually brought clarity to her habits and thought processes. Armed with effective coping mechanisms, Colleen skillfully navigated challenges such as task retention and organization. Although procrastination on personal projects was a hurdle, she remained steadfast in meeting client deadlines.

Colleen’s expertise extends beyond her personal brand. She collaborates with a diverse range of clients, offering copywriting services for landing pages, product launches, and more. Her ability to infuse personality into her work enables her to create captivating content that resonates with target audiences. With a talent for storytelling and a distinctive perspective, Colleen’s copywriting skills continue to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Colleen’s journey from monotony to boldness exemplifies the transformative power of authenticity and self-expression in copywriting. Her metamorphosis has not only rejuvenated her brand but has also inspired others to embrace their true selves. As entrepreneurs, we can draw on Colleen’s daring creativity, applying her insights to craft compelling copy that reflects our unique voices. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revitalize your brand’s voice, Colleen’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the immeasurable value of authenticity and the importance of challenging the status quo.


[00:01:08]: The bold shift in Colleen’s brand voice

[00:01:53]: Colleen’s return as a guest on the podcast

[00:02:32]: Colleen’s journey and starting her business

[00:03:20]: The inspiration behind Colleen’s writing style

[00:04:08]: Transitioning from a corporate job to entrepreneurship

[00:05:44]: The evolution of Colleen’s writing on social media

[00:08:03]: Addressing pushback and changing brand image

[00:11:09]: Colleen’s ADHD diagnosis and its impact on her work

[00:14:02]: Colleen | The Copy Tea

[00:27:03]: Getting content from real people

[00:27:23]: Updating sales page based on audience feedback

[00:28:10]: The importance of listening to your audience

[00:28:33]: Keeping an Instagram page fresh and engaging

[00:29:20]: Relating personal experiences to copywriting

[00:30:43]: Using personal stories to connect with the audience

[00:32:02]: Thoughts on AI in copywriting

[00:33:32]: The difference between writing and copywriting

[00:36:02]: Importance of hiring a copywriter for conversions

[00:37:20]: Plug and play words for caption templates


Colleen’s Bio

Colleen is a copywriter and messaging expert who works with high-ticket online coaches. Her copy has generated 6-figure launches for her clients.

She is more than just a word nerd. Colleen has a unique approach to copywriting where she leverages a mix of data, marketing psychology, and personality to help, like yours, increase brand awareness, establish credibility, and make sales. 

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