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How to Fund Your Dreams with Jeanette Rodriguez

Have you ever had a dream that seemed out of reach due to financial constraints? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Jeanette Rodriguez, the remarkable founder of Vision in Heels, a flourishing co-working space. Jeanette will share her inspiring journey of turning her dream into a reality and provide invaluable insights on funding and building a successful venture.

The Courageous Leap from Corporate to Co-Working:

Jeanette made the bold decision to leave the comfort of the corporate world and venture into the exciting realm of co-working spaces. Through her personal experiences and challenges faced along the way, she discovered the importance of community within the co-working space. In this episode, Jeanette will take us on a captivating journey, illustrating how this sense of community fueled her passion and drive to create something truly unique.

The Spark of Inspiration:

Drawing inspiration from her time at Luminary, a renowned co-working space, Jeanette found the motivation to forge her own path. She overcame doubts and skeptics through strategic planning, unwavering belief, and determination. Jeanette will share the process of choosing the ideal location for Vision in Heels, defying expectations, and believing in the market’s potential.

Strategic Alliances and Business Planning:

Throughout our conversation, Jeanette emphasizes the significance of having a solid business plan and forming strategic alliances. She believes that learning from other business owners and surrounding yourself with successful individuals can provide crucial support and empowerment. Jeanette will reveal her secrets to building strong partnerships and leveraging them for mutual growth and success.

Navigating the Financial Landscape:

Finances play a crucial role in turning dreams into realities, and Jeanette provides valuable insights on managing business finances, knowing your numbers, and implementing a profit-first strategy. She candidly discusses the challenges she faced when investing in herself and her business, determining the required savings, and the importance of working with an accountant for financial organization and tax purposes.

Involving Loved Ones and Overcoming Obstacles:

Jeanette’s journey is not only inspiring but also a testament to the power of perseverance and determination. She will share her experience of involving her family in her business journey and the pride she feels in pursuing her dreams. By sharing her personal anecdotes and lessons learned, Jeanette aims to motivate and encourage listeners to take the leap into entrepreneurship, even when faced with financial challenges.

If you’ve ever wondered how to fund your dream and create something extraordinary, this is the episode you can’t afford to miss! Join us as we dive into Jeanette Rodriguez’s incredible journey of turning dreams into reality. Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the knowledge to transform your own aspirations into flourishing ventures. Stay tuned and buckle up for an insightful and motivational podcast experience!


2:25. Janette’s journey of starting Vision in Heels
4:01. The importance of community in a coworking space
4:36. Janette’s inspiration to start a coworking space after attending an event
6:04. Self-funding Vision in Heels and saving for the business
12:57. Strategic planning and saving money
14:42. The fear and uncertainty of starting a business
15:50. The importance of creating a budget and making sacrifices
18:11. Insights from strategic alliances in the co-working industry
20:20. The importance of surrounding yourself with people who have “made it”
27:42. Tips for Managing Expenses and Negotiating Rent
29:08. Generating Revenue in the Beginning
35:50. Learning from the Book “Profit First”
41:21. Importance of a Business Plan
51:22. Overcoming Fear and Having Fun

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