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As a business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind and forget about focusing on larger-picture goals. But one determined Realtor refused to settle for anything less than reaching her 5-year plan of success in record time – by saying yes to opportunities that came her way. Her fearlessness led to accelerated growth, which she shares humbly with us through the humble yet inspiring story of how she fast-tracked her five-year plan. Read on to learn more about this remarkable journey!

At heart, Colleen Kurczi is Buckeye but prefers her feet in the sunshine state. Colleen moved with her family to Florida in 2014, and that is when she became an “accidental landlord.” That trajectory is what led her to a career in real estate. Colleen has been with Cardinal Row Real Estate since its inception and cannot wait to keep it growing and thriving in this fast-moving market.

Colleen, why did you start your business?

I got into RE as an accidental landlord when my husband’s career moved us to Florida. I have some experience in RE from prior employment at a law firm. Then this past year I was presented with an opportunity that I could not refuse and my 5 year plan was fast-tracked!

Can you talk to us about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back, has it been easy or smooth in retrospect?

Yes! Being the “boss” and goto for all the answers is stressful. I have learned several times to accept that I don’t have all the answers. It’s ok to research what I don’t know and consult with other experts in my field rather than “fake it until I make it”

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your business, and how did you overcome it?

My entire first year as Broker! In real estate we, work with people who experiencing one of the most stressful, emotional, and important moments of their lives. As Broker, I am now the person that my agents come to when they face difficult and not so ordinary challenges. Real estate is not for the faint of heart, but when we help people navigate those difficult and even tricky transactions successfully, that is the ultimate reward.

What do you believe is the reason for your success?

I am still working towards success, but the support of my friends, family, colleagues and local community has been instrumental to getting me where I am today!

What is one source that has inspired you? 

I have been inspired by the people in my life; taking risks is a little easier knowing you have people believing in you. I am also inspired by the hard work of others around me.

If you could go back with the knowledge you have today- what would you do differently?

Setting boundaries, saying no, delegating, and prioritizing my activities. This will be a constant work in progress for me.

You can do hard things! If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be rewarding.

Colleen Kurczi

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