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I speak to audiences on how to bring their ideas to life through marketing, creative living, self-development, and entrepreneurship.”

Deanna Hinsz

I bet you’re looking for someone who can combine their professional experience, humorous storytelling, and practical advice to entertain and inspire your team to take advantage of the latest trends in technology and marketing. 

Am I right? Then look no further…you’ve found your next conference speaker!

I have spoken at events of all sizes, from private training sessions to digital marketing conferences.  


5 Things You Can Expect:

  1. A first-class, professional production. No jargon, no filler, just a charismatic presentation that your team will remember for years…because it will change the dynamic of your sales & marketing process.
  2. A partner in the planning process. This is your event, so I happily tailor my presentation to fit your needs and schedule, while exceeding all expectations.
  3. My complete attention to detail and flexibility. Communication is key, and I take pride in staying on top of the details of your event so things go smoothly. 
  4. A fellow traveler walking with you on your journey. I love to cultivate relationships, and I’m not interested in spending just one night (or weekend) with you. I endeavor to make sure I’ve met, and hopefully exceeded, your expectations and also to see how I can support you in the future.
  5. I’m always up-to-date on the latest in marketing and technology. I read (and more importantly test) marketing strategies constantly so you know you are getting the latest and battle-tested advice. I get a thrill from exploring new strategies so you can rest assured I won’t ever stop doing this.

Digital Marketing Conferences

DOYO Live – Youngstown, Ohio

Digital Summit – Denver, Colorado

Keys to Digital Marketing Success – Chicago, Illinois

Women’s Conferences

Women’s Conference – Anaconda, Montana

#WEWomenEmpowered- DeLand, Florida

Wild Women in Technology- Sharon, Pennsylvania


YWCA- Warren, Ohio

Rotary Club- DeLand, Florida

Youngstown Business Incubator- Youngstown, Ohio

Chamber of Commerce

DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce and Orange City Alliance

Pickerington Chamber of Commerce

Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce

My organization had the privilege of showcasing Deanna as a speaker on email marketing and the power of having subscribers and I could not speak highly enough of her!

She’s everything you want in a speaker:
1. Easy to work with. Felt like I’d known her for years.
2. Flexible!!! I had actually given her the wrong date which required a flight change among other details and she was so kind and understanding!! You don’t find that!!
3. Knowledgeable. I had several members approach me with compliments about her presentation and how much education she provided.
4. A wonderful presenter. She owned the room and was easy to listen to. Will absolutely have her again!!!

Chelsea Huffman

Pickerington Chamber of Commerce

We’ve had Deanna as a speaker, workshop leader, and partnered on workshops throughout the year she’s knowledgeable and always a pro. I (we) enjoy and will continue to work with Deanna in the future!!!”

Dennis Schiraldi

Founder, DOYO Live Digital Marketing Conference

Keynote Presentations

Cut The Chaos in Your Digital Marketing

Time frame: 40 minutes- 6 hour

Description: Overview of how to best use social media, email, and SEO to grow your business.

Key points: 

  • How to optimize your social media profiles (Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • What goes into creating compelling content

  • How to schedule content

  • How to understand analytics

  • How to create and manage Meta ads

  • How to turn email subscribers into customers

  • How to use SEO to grow your online presence. 

* Any of these items can be broken up to individual 15-30 minutes topics

Email Marketing: Turning subscribers into Customers

Time frame: 30 minutes-1 hour

Key takeaways: 

  • The importance of email marketing

  • Setting up your platform for the best performance

  • Automating emails

  • How to segment your emails

  • What type of content to include in your email marketing to nurture relationships

Personal Branding

Time frame 15-30 minutes

Key takeaways: 

  • What is branding

  • The four key elements  to creating a strong personal brand

Women Entrepreneurship: Pushing Boundaries & Breaking the Rules

Time frame: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Description: Being a woman in a man’s world, how we are all wired differently, recognizing our strengths as women, and how to break the traditional rules and break boundaries. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • How men and women are represented in the business world individually

  • The psychological characteristics of women in business 

  • How men are psychologically wired in business 

  • What can we learn from each other