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The Entrepreneur Society

It’s about time you got the support you *actually* need to move the

profit-needle in your business without spending thousands.

Tell me if this rings a bell…

You’ve labeled yourself as a course and masterclass junkie because experience has made you feel like real, valuable, needle-moving help is only reserved for those that pay a hefty price tag.

You’ve probably read the Top 10 Entrepreneur Books on Kindle but somehow, it still feels like you’re throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what “sticks.”

You’ve jumped in 100% into building your business but when life “happens” and it throws you unexpected curveballs, it throws you off track.

You feel like you’re spending all your waking hours working FOR your business instead of ON it which to be honest is starting to feel like your 9-5.

You want to make this “work,” but in between trying to implement your welcome sequence, launch your website, and get clients, it feels like you’re being pulled in ten different directions and not making REAL progress on any one thing.

You don’t exactly have the time to spend 8 weeks trying to learn just how to leverage SEO in your business and another 8 on sales strategy.

Real talk: I know you didn’t start this business just to “hustle” your way to your next level. 

You’ve been led to believe that you have to be further along in your entrepreneurial journey to have time and financial freedom.

Which could be true, but only if you’re winging it alone

What if I told you that there’s a way to approach business that creates more white space in your calendar and gives you the momentum you need to start seeing REAL progress? 

Imagine how running your business could feel when you:


Have a vault of foundational trainings (from digital marketing, operations, social media, money & finances, Google ads to mindset work) to shorten your “I don’t know what I’m doing” period.


Could tap into the collective knowledge of your community to tap into when you have tech-fires to put out or uncomfortable client conversations that you don’t know how to navigate.


Receive weekly expert advice minus the gatekeeping (don’t get me started with this) and have your “Google didn’t have anything” questions answered ASAP. 


*Finally* feel confident in making big and small business decisions (no more second guessing yourself) because you’re already learning just by tuning into the membership conversations. 


Make life-long connections with business owners that you can run to ( inside our community platform) at the end of a long work day, after putting the kids to bed, walking the dog…that you can talk to.



The Entrepreneur Society 

Where you *finally* gain the momentum you need to scale no matter what stage you’re at in your business. 

So how does the membership actually work?

The Entrepreneurship Society will help you thrive through…

Unparalleled Access to Industry Experts ($3200)

Say goodbye to feeling like you can only get support with your business when you pay an arm and leg. Inside our membership you gain access to in-depth 30 to 60 minute trainings hosted by yours truly but to be honest, I don’t have the answer to everything. Which is why I’ve hand-picked industry experts to help fill in those gaps. These trainings are specifically curated to complement the work you’re already doing in your business. 


Here’s a peek of what you’ll learn:


Your Comprehensive Resource Hub ($500)

Forget the hassle of scouring the corners of the internet for resources you’ve not even sure are legit. I’ve curated an extensive library of overwhelm-free tools, strategies, and resources, all conveniently located in one place that will take out the guesswork of running your business. Whether it’s KPI tracking, or learning how to navigate your taxes as a small business owner you’ll find it in your resource hub; if it doesn’t exist feel free to send in a request and we’ll make it happen. 


Monthly Group Coaching ($200)

Get LIVE, personalized coaching from me or our experienced mentors to take out the “I’m not sure how to navigate this”  challenge that’s coming up for your business. Or you can just come to listen to your co-members get coached and learn a thing or two that could be a game-changer for your business. 


Open Office Hours (Value $100)

Your success is my mission and I mean it. I *truly* do care about every single person inside the membership and I want to see you succeed. Which is why I know the importance of having that additional accountability and guidance especially when you’re at the beginning stages of your business, so once a month you have my eyes and my ears on your business. 

A Supportive Community (Priceless)


Entrepreneurship can be lonely especially when you stumble on questions that Google doesn’t have the answer to, but what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be? Connection can be one of the biggest factors in collapsing the time you need to scale in business. Which is why I’ve created a supportive space where you can share insights and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs that are on the same path as you. 

Did I mention you also get these bonuses that will help you build a business without the overwhelm?


Mindset Monday Empowerment (Value $200)

After 15 years in business I can tell you right now that mindset plays a crucial role in building a successful business. Which is why I’ve invited Nancy Tikunoff, a mindset and life coach to kick off our Mondays with a mindset empowering session so that you can fortify your CEO mindset. 


Scalability at Your Fingertips (Value $200)

If you’re a business owner that’s always on-the-go and would like to have your community to be within reach in case of a “business emergency”, you’re going to love this. The Entrepreneur Society has an app which you can easily download on your smartphone or tablet. 

Hey! I’m Deanna.

I help entrepreneurs (just like you) ditch the hustle culture so you can get real support to move the profit-needle in your business, minus the hefty price tag. 

Whether you’ve been following me for a while now or you’re meeting me for the first time, you’re likely here because you want to *finally* gain momentum in your business without burning out in the process. 

I get it because I was in your shoes as you (not literally because I’m a size 9.5).


When I first left my 9-5 I had no safety net, no financial cushion in case I failed.

Did I feel the pressure of making it work as a divorced mom of two boys? Heck yes, but I did it anyway. 

I took in as much free stuff I could.

I even invested in one off courses (now that I think about it, it does accumulate especially with everything you need to learn for your business).

I joined several entrepreneurial FB groups. 

Hoping that I could piece together what it *actually* took to scale a business without getting stuck in the hustle hamster wheel. 

But after searching the online space high and dry, I decided to create what I was missing instead through The Entrepreneurial Society membership.

My goal is to build a space for you to get all your burning questions answered where it also feels like you’re chilling with friends that are experts around a certain subject and are excited to provide the support you need. 

You don’t have to do it alone…

The Entrepreneur Society has been instrumental in helping me goal set, launch my website, and grow my business. 

Audra H.

You in? 

Questions our members ask before saying “Yes, I’m in!” to The Entrepreneur Society:


Can I cancel anytime?

 Of course, I don’t believe in keeping people “hostage” inside memberships. You have the option to choose to join for a month or stay on if you love it (and I’m pretty confident that you will). 

Can you do an audit of my social media page during open office hours?

 Yes, absolutely! Whatever questions you have or support you need I will answer. However, in full transparency, the coaching call will be split up evenly depending on how many members show up because I want everybody to have the opportunity to get support. 


What if I have an “entrepreneur emergency” AKA an urgent question will I get support?


Yes! You can post your question in the #askanything channel and I will get you the support you need but keep in mind that I will replying to your questions publicly because 1) it’s not a 1:1 container and 2) everything that’s shared is helping another entrepreneur.


If I want to upgrade to the VIP level for a month is it possible to do so? 


Yes, go for it. If you only need a month to get that specific question answered then be my guest. There’s no hard feelings, and we’d be happy to have you join us again when you want to. 


BUT, if you join the VIP level for a minimum of 6 months this gives you access to the mastermind where we pull back the curtain and dive deeper into your business. 

I’m at the beginning stages of my entrepreneurship journey and don’t even have an “niche” yet, is this for me?


Yes, and yes. It’s the perfect place to start because I’m handing you my x-step roadmap to launching your business that will give you actionable steps you can start implementing today.