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Unleashing Potential in Your Business

Hello, ambitious visionaries! Are you weary of the monotonous routine and seeking a more adaptable work-life equilibrium? You’ve landed in the perfect spot. Welcome to the “From Nine to Five to Self Employed” podcast, a platform designed to help you escape the confines of the office and ignite your entrepreneurial flame.

In this episode, I’m excited to share my friend with you- the remarkable Dr. Casey Attenburger, the CEO behind a successful chiropractic practice, Impulse Chiropractic. Her journey is an inspiring tale of tenacity, metamorphosis, and unrelenting triumph. Imagine a newly minted graduate, filled with enthusiasm and prepared to make an impact. However, the path to becoming a successful practice owner is fraught with obstacles, and Dr. Casey encountered her fair share.

Dr. Casey’s capacity to welcome change and transform challenges into opportunities distinguishes her. As she began to expand her business, she needed to reassess her strategy. And indeed, she scaled new heights! Not just as a chiropractor but also as a business trailblazer. The outcome? A staggering 12-fold increase in her practice within merely the first eighteen months. Yes, you read that correctly!

You might be wondering how did she achieve this feat? Dr. Casey divulges the tactics that fueled her extraordinary growth in this episode. She’ll also motivate and guide you on how to steer your team and community daily. Whether you’re an aspiring health entrepreneur, a veteran practitioner seeking a fresh spark, or just intrigued by business and strategy, this episode brims with priceless insights you won’t want to skip.

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s pause to admire the journey Dr. Casey has embarked on. Launching her business right after graduation, she faced skepticism from those closest to her, including her mother. It’s challenging when our loved ones question our choices. But Dr. Casey didn’t let this deter her. She immersed herself in the community, committed to establishing her brand and forging robust connections.

Now, onto strategy. Dr. Casey’s business underwent several modifications before she discovered the winning formula. Initially setting her service price at $50 for 30 minutes, she quickly realized the numbers didn’t stack up. She experimented with various pricing structures and appointment formats, ultimately adopting a two-hour appointment model and implementing care plans. However, gaining the confidence to charge what she was worth was no easy task. It required time and the guidance of her business coach to overcome the apprehension of over-pricing her services.

Here’s the revelation! In April, Dr. Casey raised her prices one last time, reaching an astounding $275 per session. And the result? Two patients promptly booked middle-tier care plans without hesitation. They found the value and results they received were worth every penny, subsequently becoming ardent advocates and spreading the word about Dr. Casey’s exceptional services.

So, if you’re ready to escape the nine-to-five rut and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, tune into this episode and draw wisdom from Dr. Casey Attenburger’s incredible journey. Her tenacity, transformation, and unrelenting triumph will inspire you to embrace change, confront challenges, and elevate your business. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can attain extraordinary outcomes. It’s time to actualize your dreams. Let’s dive in!


00:06:06. Overcoming doubt and negative opinions

00:08:08. Evolution of Dr. Casey’s business strategies

00:11:03. Setting High Ticket Prices

00:13:14. Self-Confidence and Selling

00:14:39. Beliefs are Placebos

00:15:40. Choosing Empowering Beliefs

00:16:42. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

00:18:11. Committing Fully to Business

00:20:12. Evaluating Side Hustles

00:22:50 Being Productive, not Busy

00:23:22. Introduction and Tracking Units

00:24:55. Importance of Failing and Learning

00:28:00. Fight, Flight, or Freeze Decision-Making

00:33:04. Benefits of Having a Business Coach

00:34:48. Leadership tips for potential CEOs

00:38:27. “Be kind, not nice” as a CEO term

00:42:56. Starting with business coaching and online presence

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